Expand Coverage and Service with Local Transportation Providers

A Better Rider Experience: 4 Benefits of Using Local Transportation Providers

On the Go partners with Lyft and Uber Health to connect your riders to an extensive network of rideshare options. However, we know that based on your program's unique needs, some of your riders may require access to transportation providers that offer a higher level of service. On the Go's software is customizable, allowing programs to integrate seamlessly with local transportation providers who can provide door-through-door, shuttle, or wheelchair-accessible service. This easy integration offers your riders a wider range of transportation options, enhancing your program's services and increasing rider satisfaction.

Benefits of using local transportation providers:

  • Higher level of service options for your riders: On the Go's network includes providers that offer door-to-door, door-through-door, and wheelchair-accessible rides, providing enhanced levels of service tailored to the specific needs of riders.
  • Coverage in more rural areas: In areas where transportation options may be limited, partnering with local transportation providers can ensure that riders have access to reliable transportation services.
  • Convenient and flexible rides: With local transportation providers, riders can enjoy rides that fit their schedules without long wait times before and after their requested pick-up times.
  • Specialized driver training: Local transportation providers are equipped with drivers trained to cater to higher levels of service riders, ensuring a safe and comfortable experience.

On the Go is committed to providing reliable and convenient transportation for all riders. Its software is designed to help nonprofits, government entities, and municipalities meet this commitment while delivering riders with a personalized experience.

To learn more about accessing transportation providers in your community to enhance your transportation program -- or learn about other On the Go software features -- please contact Maureen Glaser, Director of Operations, at maureen@otgrides.org.