On the Go Partners with Uber Health

SAN DIEGO, September 19, 2022

As of August 2022, On the Go expanded its core service by partnering with Uber Health in addition to our long-standing partnership with Lyft. This added a direct integration from our software to Uber drivers, connecting your riders to an extensive network of rideshare options.

Uber Health was designed for healthcare professionals to assist their patients with traveling to their scheduled appointments. It’s a win-win for doctors and their patients, as it takes the guesswork out of how someone will get to their appointment and reduces the amount of “no-shows.” The program is a natural fit for On the Go’s model of assisting people with transportation challenges in getting to where they need to be.

Our commitment is to ensure that each rider receives a safe, convenient, and cost-effective ride with a driver and vehicle that meets their needs. The ability to schedule and dispatch directly to both Uber Health and Lyft allows our partners to maximize their budgets through access to a large pool of drivers while still providing reliable transportation to the people you serve.

Considerations for your riders’ unique challenges make On the Go more than just a standard transportation provider. Maureen Glaser, Program Manager of On the Go, expanded upon how an increase in driver supply puts the client’s needs first:

“We provide highly person-centered rides because we can choose the closest and most appropriate vehicle for each person. We’re not going to send a Ford F-150 for an adult using a walker. We get to carefully consider the needs of each rider when we choose from a larger pool of drivers.”

We’re excited to welcome Uber to On the Go and the additional benefit this brings to your riders. To learn more about how the Uber Health partnership benefits your program, please reach out to us at otgmarketing@otgrides.org