The Discovery Call Roadmap

Transportation programs are as diverse as the communities they serve, catering to a specific set of riders, operating within unique budgets, and pursuing individual goals. At On the Go, we acknowledge that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn't always work. We engage in a Discovery Phase with every organization we connect with to address these differences. Discovery calls are instrumental in understanding each organization’s transportation program and crafting solutions that align with their community, riders, budget, and goals.

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Discovering Hidden Needs and Challenges

The discovery call process is central to On the Go's efforts to provide freedom of mobility through tailored transportation solutions. This call provides space for the On the Go team to fully understand your requests, uncover hidden challenges, and discover unique needs of which you might not be aware. For instance, while recognizing the need for transportation in their community, many organizations may be uncertain about implementing rides for the people they serve. Others may have never considered offering rides after hours and on weekends due to limited staff bandwidth. Some organizations are unsure how to expand existing programs and stay within budget. In all of these cases, a discovery call serves as a beacon of clarity.

The Discovery Call Process

Discovery calls revolve around a set of strategic questions designed to personalize transportation solutions to meet the needs of your organization and riders. These questions explore your organization's current transportation program, identifying likes, dislikes, and pain points to distinguish what's effective and what requires enhancement. We then delve into your goals and operations, pinpointing must-have elements and understanding how your riders access transportation. Further, we focus on riders' specific needs and data management to ensure a personalized experience. Lastly, we review administrative processes and finances, streamlining operations and accommodating budget constraints.

These questions allow your organization to articulate your unique requirements, unveil hidden challenges, and pave the way for tailored transportation solutions that resonate with your distinctive goals.

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The Road to Finding the Right Solution

Throughout the discovery call process, On the Go presents a range of solutions tailored to your organization’s specific details. Solutions can span from call center support to data management expertise to providing access to a network of transportation providers. On the Go aims to simplify your transportation program, fill in the gaps where needed, and make it easier to manage and support your clients with our safe and organized approach. We are here for you!

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Specialized Call Center:

Multilingual agents
available 7 days a week.

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Scheduling & Dispatch:

Customizable software
for client-tailored rides.

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Transportation Network:

Access to rideshare and
accessible providers.

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Ride Monitoring:

Safety monitors with
informed alerts.

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Data & Reporting:

Track data to evaluate
your program's success.

The discovery call is your gateway to unveiling transportation solutions thoughtfully designed to align with your unique community, riders, budget, and program goals. As the challenges and complexities of your transportation program come to light, rest assured that our dedicated team can find the answers. We encourage you to schedule a discovery call with On the Go and pave the way to a more tailored and effective transportation program that meets your needs and those of your community. Together, we can find your ideal path forward and continue transforming lives with the freedom of transportation.