How Travelers Aid San Diego Amplifies Its Impact

By Laurel Brow

How Travelers Aid San Diego Amplifies Its Impact

For over a century – yes, you read that right! – Travelers Aid San Diego (Travelers Aid) has supported residents and visitors alike. The organization currently provides transportation assistance to underserved populations throughout San Diego County, facilitating over 170,000 passenger trips annually. Travelers Aid ensures people can access essential services, medical appointments, and other necessary destinations.

"My wife and I use this program for rides to our doctors, the bank, and the grocery store. Without the program, we struggled to get rides to our essential daily needs. The rides have helped a lot in improving our quality of life." - Veerabhadra V., rider with Travelers Aid

Since 2021, the organization has partnered with On the Go to amplify its impact in the community. Adrianna Yemhatpe, Director of Social Services for Travelers Aid, explained some of the key benefits of the partnership.

Expanding Ride Scheduling Capacity

On the Go often offers a valuable extension to partners' existing transportation services. "We have a small team, so partnering with On the Go has allowed us to provide transportation well beyond our normal capacity," said Adrianna. "Even just yesterday, I had a woman who is a dialysis patient and needed a 6 pm trip home. Our staff ends our day at 5 pm, so we rely on On the Go to monitor those rides outside our normal work hours. We know that if she had any issue with her ride, there would be someone from the On the Go team to help her." The partnership allows Travelers Aid riders to utilize On the Go’s services when it makes sense for them, such as on weekends, evenings, or early in the morning.

Man who used ride to pick up groceries

When asked about the specific transportation needs that led Travelers Aid to seek a solution like On the Go, Adrianna elaborated on their challenges with their single rideshare account. She explained, "We were scheduling rides directly for people with our account, but it was too hard to keep track of all the charges and trips. We had a trip where the driver never turned off the meter, and it ran up to $200. Being a small agency with a small credit card limit, it was not good!"

As their demand for transportation services grew, Travelers Aid found On the Go to be a helpful ally. The partnership allows On the Go to manage and monitor thousands of rides, ensuring riders receive assistance when needed, especially after normal working hours.

"Each driver is made aware of my equipment requirements, my description, and my destination so that I arrive on time and with peace of mind... Thank you again for making my life a million times easier." - Theresa H., Travelers Aid rider

Tracking Funding Sources

Many of On the Go's organizational partners receive funding from multiple sources, and keeping track of each source can be difficult and time-consuming. "Our organization is kind of a middleman," Adrianna explained. "We receive grants directly from SANDAG (San Diego Association of Governments), the county, the city, and the American Cancer Society, and then we disperse the funding to the clients who need the services. For example, through our American Cancer Society program, we pay for transportation for cancer patients to get to radiation and chemotherapy appointments."

Luckily, the automated voucher system within On the Go's software can keep track of which funding source will pay for each ride. "We'll tell the On the Go team that this person is in the Senior Solutions program through the county, this one is through the American Cancer Society, etc., and then they code them accordingly. It's a lifesaver when we're doing billing because we don't have to go through each ride manually to mark what category it's in. It has saved us so much time," Adrianna said.

Implementing this system streamlined Travelers Aid's approach to managing funding for their rides. This software feature allows the organization to focus on its mission without the burden of manual tracking.

"Things have been adapted really well for our needs. As we've encountered problems, you all have been great at responding and finding a solution. We've been happy with the price point, too." – Adrianna Yemhatpe, Director of Social Services for Travelers Aid

Travelers Aid San Diego stands as a testament to a century-long commitment to providing vital transportation services to underserved communities in San Diego County. Their strategic partnership with On the Go has expanded their capacity to schedule rides and assisted them with accounting for rides covered by various funding sources with specific restrictions

On the Go is proud to partner with Travelers Aid to ensure cost-effective, reliable, and compassionate transportation solutions for those who most need them. Want to learn more about how On the Go can support your organization? Contact Maureen Glaser, Director of Operations, at